Hello! Welcome to GingerBelfast

Hoping to make this my new home-away-from-home to share my thoughts, chronicles and adventures from in and around Belfast.

albumtempI’m not promising you grade A content or culture every other day,  or anything that resembles high end fashion from someone who knows how to clash prints and patterns.

Rather, it’s more likely to be the random goings-on and struggles of a thirty-something-year-old who works in PR, goes to the gym from time to time, can never seem to find an outfit for a wedding, and still rents an apartment.

So maybe you’ll smile to yourself and enjoy the fact that my foundation never quite matches skin, I don’t really know what a mortgage entails and no matter how many PT sessions I go to, the cookie pouch won’t shift…

In no way perfect but always a trier, hopefully you can relate to GingerBelfast.

Top: TFNC Printed Tie Up Top, ASOS 

Lipstick: Red Saucy Sailor by Dainty Doll – this is Nicola Roberts (the ginger one from Girls Aloud) make up range.  I bulk bought a lot of the products when they were first released as they were specifically designed for people with fair skin.  I *think* the range has been discontinued, but worth keeping an eye on Amazon if of interest. Super pigmented and moisturizing.